As-Built Drawings in Architecture

Expert architects provide accurate and detailed as-built drawings for all types of architectural projects, ensuring precise documentation of existing structures. Benefit from in-depth knowledge and advanced technology to streamline your renovation, remodeling, or construction processes.

The architectural profession is awash with technical diagrams and blueprints that guide the construction and renovation process. Among these critical documents are As-Built Drawings, which serve as a comprehensive record of changes made during the construction process. These drawings are incredibly important in the lifecycle of a construction project, offering a range of benefits to architects, builders, and building owners. This article will explore what As-Built drawings are, the best software for creating them, the benefits they offer, their cost, and how to obtain fast quotes and mobilization.

What are As Built Drawings?

As-Built Drawings are architectural drawings that document the exact location, dimension, and design of all elements in a completed building project. These drawings reflect any changes made during construction, including deviations from the original plan, resulting from modifications or adjustments made on-site. Essentially, As-Built Drawings serve as the final blueprint of the building, providing a precise and detailed record of the completed work. They are typically required by the project owner or the governing authority to confirm the project's actual specification and ensure compliance with local building regulations and codes.

Best As Built Drawings Software

Advances in technology have seen the introduction of digital tools that greatly simplify the creation of As-Built Drawings. Among the best software for this purpose is AutoCAD, a software widely recognized for its powerful drafting and designing tools. AutoCAD allows architects to create highly accurate and detailed As-Built Drawings, incorporating changes and modifications made during construction easily. Other noteworthy software includes Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables architects to create 3D models of their As-Built Drawings. These 3D models add a layer of depth and understanding that 2D drawings may lack.

Benefits of As Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings offer numerous benefits. They serve as a comprehensive record of the constructed building, detailing every aspect of the project. This detailed record is invaluable for future renovations or modifications, as it provides an accurate starting point for any new work. 

In addition, As-Built Drawings ensure compliance with building regulations. They document any changes made during construction, ensuring that the final building adheres to local codes and regulations. 

Most importantly, As-Built Drawings can save time and money. They reduce the risk of costly mistakes during construction and future renovations by providing accurate and detailed documentation of the building's actual state. 


The cost of As-Built Drawings varies depending on the complexity of the project, the level of detail required, and the time spent creating these drawings. However, considering the potential cost savings they can provide in avoiding construction errors and facilitating future renovations, the investment in accurate and detailed As-Built Drawings can be well worth it. 


To help offset the cost of creating As-Built Drawings, many companies offer fast quotes and fast mobilization services. Fast Quotes enable project managers to get an accurate estimate of the cost of creating As-Built Drawings quickly and easily, allowing for more accurate budgeting and planning. Similarly, Fast Mobilization services ensure that the creation of As-Built Drawings can begin as soon as possible, reducing downtime and speeding up the completion of the project.

As-Built Drawings are a critical component of the architectural and construction process. They provide a detailed and accurate record of the project, ensuring compliance with building regulations and providing a valuable resource for future renovations or modifications. With the help of advanced software like AutoCAD and Revit, the creation of As-Built Drawings is easier and more accurate than ever. And with services like Fast Quotes and Fast Mobilization, getting these vital documents created quickly and affordably is within reach for any project manager.