As we age, it becomes increasingly important to utilize healthcare services. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for seniors to get the medical coverage they need at a cost that they can afford. Money generated from taxes can't afford to fund adequate medical assistance to every single citizen; however, seniors have the opportunity to take advantage of Medicare.

What is it?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that aims to maintain a basic level of care for senior citizens. Created in 1966 under Lyndon Johnson, it now provides nearly 60 million Americans with a wide range of services. The sign up process is designed to be accessible and simple, with the goal being blanket coverage for all of America's seniors.

Privately owned hospitals provide excellent service, however the way our economy works means that the costs can be extreme. Therefore, medical coverage is the solution used in order to make medical services feasible to the average citizen. Finally, privately owned insurance companies are also expensive, which leads us to why a low-cost coverage system was brought into place.

Who uses it?

Senior citizens are the main reason that the program was brought to fruition, however its function has expanded over time. It originally only offered a few options, but now can aid people in need of chiropractic, hospice, physical therapy... etc. Certain disabled people may also be able to qualify for coverage.
In essence, any senior that can't afford a privately owned plan provider should definitely sign up for this service. Younger people may be able to get by without worrying about healthcare, but everyone's body becomes more fragile as it gets older.

How can it help me?

There are several plans that are included in this system, however the best way to get information about your specific case is to sign up and see for yourself. Depending on your situation, the cost of things like pharmaceuticals or physical therapy may only be offset--meaning there will still be some sort of medical bill that you will have to pay. The medical costs that you would receive without insurance would be much more difficult to pay, so it's always worth it to have some sort of coverage, which is why seniors should be knowledgable about their options under this coverage.

Any senior that is suffering from chronic pain can likely find some sort of plan that would help connect them with the right specialist. Other very common ailments, such as infections or injury, are also covered by many plans under this system. It's important to take action when dealing with a medical problem, so this program is designed to always be there to help the uninsured get the help they need.

Although the medical industry continues to evolve, it's imperative that citizens are able to use the medical services that surround them. There has been much debate about the problems that arise from having an extremely expensive healthcare system in America, however rest assured that the people that need medical coverage the most--senior citizens--are always given assistance.