Types of Attorneys

There are so many reasons why one would need a lawyer. With a plethora of different types of laws, a general lawyer cannot handle the specifics of certain pieces of our country’s laws. With the field of law being so large and complex, you’ll tend to find lawyers that specify their craft into one specific field of law. People every day come into a variety of law issues but do not worry there is nearly a lawyer for every specific issue you could come across.

General Practice Lawyer

These lawyers tend to have a practice that can take onboard a variety of legal issues. General practice attorneys work in areas of law that they feel more comfortable than others, which makes it imperative when you are meeting with a general practice lawyer you ask how much experience they may have had in that specific field. Since its general these lawyers tend to be younger since they are just finding their feet within the law world. Many of these attorneys will choose this type of law until they find a certain law that they feel comfortable with.

Personal Injury Lawyer

These are the lawyers you will call if you have been in any type of accident. They are specialist in tort law which covers private or civil wrongs or injuries, including actions of bad faith, breach of contract, and defamation. The goal for a personal injury lawyer is to help their client or plaintiff receive compensation for their losses. Some cases where you could use a personal injury attorney:

·      Animal bite injuries

·      Auto accidents

·      Bicycle accidents

·      Burn Accidents

·      Construction Accidents

·      Insurance/ bad faith claims

Estate Planning Lawyer

These lawyers are specializing in wills and trusts and can help you to draw up will to pass your assets on. They also have the ability to draw up wills for their respective clients which can help assure if you have a child, their financial future.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

These are the lawyers that will be there for you during times of financial hardship, these are the lawyers you need to meet with to assure you get through the hard times.  They can advise you to see if bankruptcy is right for you, what bankruptcy plan fits your needs, or if there are any alternatives.

Criminal Lawyer

This tends to be the lawyers that people tend to know the most about. If you or anyone you possibly know comes into trouble with the law, these are the lawyers you want. Since they specialize in this arena, they will be able to help you in relation to bail, arraignment, arrest, please and any other situation that would arise with a run in with the law.

Other types of Lawyers:

·      Corporate Lawyer

·      Employment Lawyer

·      Intellectual Property Lawyer

·      Immigration Lawyer

·      Medical Malpractice

·      Tax Lawyer

With so many various lawyers out there, you are not short on options if you ever find yourself in a pinch in a lot of situations. You never want to be in a situation where you feel there is a need for a lawyer but it’s important to have your bases covered in case of any predicament.