Comparing and Contrasting SUVs

SUVs have become more popular in recent years. These vehicles offer a great amount of room, superior safety features, and a surprising amount of fuel efficiency. 

By taking the time to learn about the top rated SUVs in America, you will gain a better idea of the benefits that these vehicles provide as well as their average cost. This can help you decide which type of SUV you should purchase when it comes time to buy. 

What are SUVs?

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are vehicles that are larger than standard cars. Due to their size, these vehicles offer a greater amount of seating and room, making them perfect for traveling and families. Most models are further from the ground, providing easy ground clearance over rugged terrain. Compact versions of these automobiles, the smallest type of SUV, are referred to as crossovers. 

The Benefits of the Top Rated SUVs

Before reviewing the best recommended SUVs, it is worth taking the time to learn about the benefits that these vehicles provide. 

Greater Size

SUVs are larger than standard cards. This makes an SUV a popular choice for families and travelers. Not only do these vehicles have a robust amount of seating, but SUVs feature extra storage spaces. This storage can be utilized for everyday items or can be great for traveling. 

Advancements in Fuel Efficiency

Believe that SUVs have bad fuel consumption? You’d be wrong. 

Newer models feature vast improvements for fuel consumption. With these advancements, drivers no longer have to give up comfort to drive a more eco-friendly vehicle. 


SUVs are incredibly versatile. These vehicles offer a large amount of seating. However, if you will not be using all of that seating, you can adjust or lower seats to provide more leg room or more baggage space. The newest models provide additional features that increase versatility, including automatic adjustment features. 

Weather Advantages 

As many of the top rated SUVs will boast, having an SUV is just better for bad weather. This is due to several factors, including SUV weight, size, and additional features. The larger weight of these vehicles provide better handling in harsh weather. The tires on an SUV have a wider width compared to standard cards, allowing the vehicle to more easily grip the road. 

Safety Features

Today, the best recommended SUVs come with a variety of safety features designed to assist you in avoiding a collision and keep you safe in the event of one. Each brand boosts its own features and design. However, you may find safety features such as collision sensors, blind spot monitoring, intelligent headlights, and more. 

How much do SUVs cost?

New SUVs can vary in price based upon brand and size. However, the average cost of a new compact SUV is about $21,000. Midsize SUVs typically average around $25,000 to $30,000 dollars. Larger models can run as high as $40,000 on average. Finally, some brands, such as Mercedes M Class and Lexus RX, offer luxury vehicles with a sales price of between $45,000 and $60,000 dollars. If you choose to shop used, you can generally obtain most models for far less than their new prices.  

The 5 Best Recommended SUVs

Here are the five best recommended SUVs. By learning more about each model, you can make an informed decision on your purchase. 

The Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is a stylish compact SUV. 2018 and 2019 models include standard features such as: 

✔ Stability control. 

✔ Rear parking sensors. 

✔ Enhanced sound system. 

✔ Modern features such as USB ports and access to satellite radio. 

The Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox provides an ample amount of space for the whole family. Newer models include standard features such as:

✔ Rearview cameras. 

✔ Stability control. 

✔ Modern features, including Bluetooth technology. 

The Ford Escape

One of the best recommended SUVs is the Ford Escape. The Ford Escape is a crossover type of SUV with newer models including: 

✔ A wide selection of customization options. 

✔ Additional versatility features. 

✔ Rearview camera. 

✔ Tech features, including smartphone integration. 

✔ Keyless entry. 

The Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is another great model of SUV that has only grown in popularity in recent years. These vehicles offer a substantial amount of value for the amount of features included in recent models. Those features include: 

✔ Rearview camera. 

✔ 3.5L VS engine.

✔ Ford Sync features.

✔ LED headlamps. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 

If you are considering SUVs, be sure to take a look at the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This type of SUV is great at nearly any type of terrain and can handle off-roading. Additionally, newer models include features such as: 

✔ Rear parking sensors and camera. 

✔ Heated steering wheel.